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We provide cannabis dispensaries, delivery services, brands, and other industry related businesses with strategic and efficient technical solutions to help maintain and grow a successful business. Everything from inventory management to online order processing, connecting with new and old customers has never been easier. Simply create your very own online store and start promoting your business today!

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All-In-One Cannabis Retail System

A fully integrated online platform built for dispensary owners and wholesale suppliers alike. Create a beautiful online storefront to showcase your products while offering your customers a seamless approach to the ordering process. Whether you operate a single dispensary or multiple licensed grow facilities, GanjaTrack offers an efficient way to manage your orders and inventory while providing each customer or client with a safe and secure way to conduct legal sales of cannabis products entirely online.

Create your FREE account and register your business to receive instant exposure to active cannabis consumers in your area. Take advantage of our system and tools to drive new traffic towards your business and website while ultimately creating brand awareness and generating more sales.

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Key Features

Inventory Management

Managing your inventory has never been easier. Safely monitor quantities and set profit margins while tracking each product down to the last milligram or unit. You can even upload and edit products directly from your mobile device!

Online Order Processing

Make life easier on your customers and eliminate time consuming phone calls. With our system, each verified customer can successfully place an order and have it processed entirely online within seconds.

Individual Employee Accounts

Manage your employees by creating individual accounts. Each account can be customized to accept specific permissions, allowing you to give your employees the proper access they require to manage certain aspects of your business.

Manage Multiple Locations

Do you operate more than one retail location? Our system allows you to manage multiple locations with ease. Successfully track inventory and manage clients within each location without any conflicts.

Business Reporting

Our in-depth business reporting provides you with the information you need to track product views, order reports, and even calculate sales statistics.

Connect With Your Customers

By registering your business you will be instantly entered in an online cannabis community designed to point users towards your company and create exposure in a marketplace of active cannabis consumers in your area. Build trust and a strong reputation by giving your customers the best experience when shopping for the products they love. Cater to new and old customers and provide them with the detailed information they need!

Professional Website Included

Each upgraded package includes a professionally designed website that is completely tailored to your business. Choose from a variety of templates and display a full menu of your products in a beautiful online storefront that offers each customer an effortless way to find your business, browse through your inventory, and create an order all in the same place.

Interested in a custom website design? Work with our top developers to create the perfect template for your business!

No Coding Skills Required!

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Custom Theme Options

Fully Responsive & Mobile Optimized

Integrate Tools & Plugins

Secure Admin Dashboard

Domain & Hosting Included

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Account Integration

Design & Marketing Services

Online Training & Support

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Enjoy the benefits of our system with a live inventory plugin that is synced directly to your current website.
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